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Embroidery Uniforms

Embroidered Clothing and Embroidery Uniforms

Alpha Uniforms offer a bespoke embroidered clothing services, including work-wear and uniform weaving, and corporate and special garments weaving. High caliber at moderate costs.

Utilize the connections to one side to view our individual items suitable for embroidery, or read further to discover all the more about how it functions and the advantages of embroidered garments.

Embroidery Machine About Embroidered Clothing

Embroidery is the procedure by which an outline is sewn onto a piece of clothing utilizing an electronic weaving machine. The procedure gives a profoundly expert dependable appearance and is suitable for content or logos. We utilize current modern weaving machines which give expert completion.

So as to deliver an embroidered logo we need to physically redraw the logo in a configuration which can be read by an embroidery machine. Plain content in straightforward text styles is less demanding and hence less expensive to change over than weaved logos.

Embroidery Versus Print

+ Quality Image

+ Long Lasting

+ Multi colour at no extra cost

– Costs more than Printing

– Expensive for large logos

– Embroidery can’t be utilized where a graduated shading impact is needed.

– Difficult to reproduce little content clearly

Embroidery Work-wear

Our work-wear weaving administration covers an extensive variety of items including polo shirts, shirts sweatshirts, and coats. Polyester cotton polo-shirts are amazingly well known for embroidery work-wear. The item is durable, simple to wash and joined with an embroidered logo looks to a great degree shrewd.

Our Services

Uniforms shop in Dubai – The Largest and Best Quality Providers.

Weaving is the use of string sewed on to imitate your craftsmanship or logo onto your piece of clothing.

Weaving is utilized ordinarily on Polos, Jackets, Business Shirts, Hats and Caps. String washes well, can be pressed and holds its shading extremely well after many washes. Pieces of clothing are stacked onto outlines, which space into our business machines and the machines are customized with your “digitized” work of art by our prepared Embroidery staff and the string hues stacked.

  • Embroidery requests are a 5 thing least (plain machine content can be less)
  • machine lines, any bigger and extra expenses and setups will apply.
  • A standard logo is by and large 1 to 2 lines of content and an image, much like our logo on our site, additionally please observe the weaving exhibition underneath for cases of standard logos.
  • A standard logo is connected for the most part left-hand trunk of pieces of clothing or focal point of tops.
  • The same logo must be connected 5 times in a similar shading plan.
  • Embroidery confirmations are issued inside 3-4 working days of putting in your request by means of email.
  • Additional set-up charges may apply for extra required hues as well as logos that are bigger than a standard measuring or estimating depicted previously.
  • Once your weaving is digitized and set up for your request (this occurs inside 1-2 working days of your request being put), essential alter to the outline can be made (i.e change of shading, increment in size, oversight of content), however, any alters or changes to the plan will incur an alter expense, or a set up charge for another plan completely.

To add your logo or content to any of The Uniform Guys quality articles of clothing when requesting on the web, essentially transfer your logo picture in JPG, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF arrange, by means of the UPLOAD YOUR LOGO HERE Tab which coasts over the site to your correct hand side. Or, on the other hand, you can email it through to us by answering to your request affirmation email with your record/s appended. For content just, take note of the content required in your request remarks.

Embroidery Uniforms Dubai

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